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TB 23-01 & 02 ACRE OEM Code and IP Client to IP Server Update
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Outlines New OEM code and How to Convert a New Acre Panel to IP Server from IP Client for on premise use with the Web Configuration browser.

Download TB 23-01


Applies To: Cloud configured hardware for on premises use.

Issue: Newer hardware being shipped out is initially set up to run on
a Cloud configuration. In order to properly utilize the hardware for On
Premise, the hardware would need to have settings reconfigured over to
the standard network setup currently being used.

Resolution: Change Host Communication to IP Server (On Prem) from IP
Client (Cloud config).

Summary: In order to set up the controller communication from a
Cloud configuration to a On Premise configuration you would need to
login to the Controller using either The Panel Utility tool, Acre/Mercury
Zero Config Tool, or Device Discovery Tool to initially discover hardware
settings, from the tool’s main page, you will then click on the MAC or IP
Address and open a browser window to log into the hardware and change
the host communication settings.

Download TB 23.02


Applies To: All new Mercury Controllers and Access Control Software.

Issue: Older versions of some software may not recognize the Acre OEM
code as an authorized controller when connecting to an Acre Access
Control Server

Resolution: Update Access Control Software to the latest version or
contact Technical Support for assistance and adding an OEM Allowance.

Summary: New Mercury controllers being processed for fulfillment will
be shipping with the new Acre OEM code which can cause issues with
older versions of Acre’s Access Control softwares. Customers will need to
either update their software version or request an OEM Allowance from
Technical Support or through their Regional Sales Manager.

Beginning with Mercury Firmware version 1.30.5, Acre will be shifting as a company to one OEM Code (4352) for all hardware supporting the latest version of DNA Fusion, Access It!, SMS and Feenics. Support for the new


OEM Code will begin with the following Versions:

  • Access It!- All Versions
  • Feenics- All Versions
  • DNAFusion- Begining with Version
  • SMS w/ Vanderbilt Controllers- Vanderbilt Controller Firmware Version 7.59/7.16, Software Version 6.3.0
  • SMS w/ Mercury Controllers- SMS Version 7.2 w/ Hotfix #18164


Versions prior to to 6.0 for DNAFusion will require a license update prior to updating all affected controllers to the OEM Code required for the licensed version being used or the end user will need to Update to the latest version to take advantage of the full suite of updated functions and security features. 

When using SMS with Vanderbilt Controllers, the Controller Firmware for the VRCNX-A/M must be updated to version 7.59 and 7.16 respectively in order to continue to support functionality with downstream Mercury controllers.  When used with Mercury controllers, the End User Must update to SMS Version 7.2.0 with Hotfix# 18164 or later. 

Note: All controllers will ship with the controller set to DHCP and not Static IP addressing and will ship in IP Client mode for use in off Premise, Cloud environments. For assistance with changing the controllers to IP Server for On-Premise Servers, please see TB 23.01 or download the TB using the following address:

If you have any questions please visit the Knowledge base at helpdesk. or contact customer support at 1-855-818-7001

Changing Host Comm Configuration

In order to change the host communication you will need to first locate
the network settings of the new board. If an existing board, use the IP
address of the board in an internet browser window using the following



If accessing using one of the various Device tools, you will need to, search
or, Scan for the new device or Flip-Up Dip-Switch 1 and 2 to set the board
to the default network settings. Mercury Default network settings are:


  • IP Address:
  • Subnet:
  • Default Gateway:

Once you have found the board, Double-Click on the MAC address or
IP address of the device to open the configuration window using your
default browser.

Browser Configuration Manager

1. Once you have opened the browser window, you may get a Your
Connection is Not Private or Not Secure warning. Click Advance or More
information and Click, Proceed to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (unsafe) As shown
below. You will then be routed to the hardware network login screen.


2. Click on Click Here to Login and input your Username and Password. If
configuring for the first time, you will need to Flip-Up Dip-Switch 1 and
use, admin , for the user name and, password , for the Password. Once
logged in, Flip-Down Dip-Switch 1.


3. Click on Host Comm. Change the Primary Host Port Connection Type
from IP Client to IP Server and Click Accept.




4. Click on Apply Settings and then on the Apply Settings, Reboot button.
Your have now switched the host communication settings. The window
will close once the settings have been applied.



For any additional information or assistance please contact technical



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